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Smoking Cessation

Are You Ready to Finally Quit Smoking?

Get Help Overcoming Smoking Addiction with Deep TMS

Quitting smoking is hard!

Despite the prescription medication, over-the-counter nicotine replacement therapies, counselling options, and dedicated self-help apps, smoking addiction continues to be the leading cause of preventable disease and death throughout the world.

Deep TMS offers a fresh approach that may help you quit smoking using cutting-edge neuroscience.

Clinically proven and well-tolerated, Deep TMS is the first noninvasive brain stimulation technology that is FDA-cleared to treat smoking addiction.

Empower yourself to kick the habit with BrainsWay Deep TMS.

Smoking H4 Coil

Short Treatment Sessions in Elumind Centres!

Smoking cessation journey



Thinking to smoking



Induce Craving to Smoke

Desire to smoke is provoked in order to activate the areas of the brain that control cravings, using a variety of visual and audio cues personalized to your smoking triggers.



Stimulate the Brain


Stimulate Brain Targets with Deep TMS

The treatment coil delivers gentle electromagnetic pulses to key areas in your brain involved in addiction behaviors. These pulses feel like mild tapping on your scalp. You’ll be comfortably sitting in a chair, awake and alert during the treatment.



Motivational Counselling



Conduct Motivational Counseling

Treatment is followed by a brief therapy discussion with the provider, reinforcing motivation to quit smoking and celebrating day-to-day progression.

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