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Therapeutic Assessment


What is Therapeutic Assessment or TA?

At Elumind Centres, we believe in treating the root cause of an individual’s symptoms and wish to provide them with long-term relief from their mental health conditions. To do so, we must first identify a person’s identity, living conditions, goals, and challenges, upbringing, the support around that person’s traumatic experiences past history, general health, and non-psychiatric illnesses, nutrition, level of exercise, quality of sleep, the history of psychiatric conditions and the effectiveness of any therapy the individual may have undergone in the past. This process takes time, but the better we know our clients, the better we can serve them. TA or therapeutic assessment is an interview conducted by one of our clinicians for all of our new clients. It incorporates the components of a regular psychiatric or psychological assessment but emphasizes understanding our clients and envisioning their life. The session duration is around 60 minutes, providing our clients with a safe and non-judgmental environment to express themselves without feeling rushed. As the name of the assessment suggests, our goal is to understand how we can best help each client and meet her/his therapeutic needs. The end goal of our TA is to develop a strong understanding of our clients and their lives in order to provide them with a diagnosis and an individualized treatment plan.

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