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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Most of Elumind’s services can be covered under extended benefits as “psychological services” or “registered clinical counseling.” Please contact us for further details

Our Doctors and Client Care Specialists will review and check in with you throughout your entire journey to ensure the treatment is working for you. You will be assigned to a case manager who will be monitoring and working with our staff psychiatrist to make any necessary adjustments to your personalized protocol.

Yes! We offer a free 15-min phone consultation with one of our client care team specialists. You can book a consult at https://www.elumind.com/booking/

Monday to Friday 9:30am-7:30pm Saturday 10:00am-6:00pm. We offer multiple treatment rooms to accommodate your schedule.

We are a private self-referral centre; physician referrals and consultation notes are welcomed.

We help heal a diverse age demographic as young as five years to as old as 90+. 

A brain map, or qEEG, provides a visual representation of the activity in the brain, including any imbalances or dysfunction. This helps in creating personalized treatment plans and tracking the progress of treatments.

The Roads represent the neural pathways in our brains; Cars represent the  brain chemicals that travel these pathways, otherwise known as neurotransmitters and Drivers represent our own ability to influence our brain’s functioning through our psychology and habits. This analogy is used to simplify the complex interplay of biological and psychological as well as social factors that Elumind targets in its treatment approach.

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