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How we can help?

How we can help?

Elumind Centres For Brain Excellence is a private out-patient mental health center specializing in optimizing brain functions through various neurotherapeutic modalities.We deliver a comprehensive, personalized case managed collection of holistic therapies that create long-lasting lifestyle changes. Through advanced approaches, we identify the root cause and address the psychological, physical, and nutritional needs of an individual.

Therapeutic Assessment

Therapeutic Assessment

Therapeutic Assessment incorporates the components of a regular psychiatric or psychological assessment but emphasizes understanding our clients and envisioning their life.


QEEG Brain Mapping

QEEG is a quick and efficient tool that allows us to gather data and diagnostic information on your brain and identify both strengths and deficiencies in your brain networks.

How we can help? elumind


Discover how neurofeedback training can improve your cognitive function and optimize your brain.



is a non-invasive, painless treatment that directs recurring magnetic energy pulses at specific regions of the brain.



What is Photobiomodulation, Photobiomodulation is non-invasive and safe. Evidence has shown no side effects.



Learn how biofeedback therapy allows you to control and regulate your body’s physiological functions more effectively.

Functional Medicine

Functional Medicine

Discover how functional medicine can restore your health through a holistic (whole mind/body) approach.

Therapist smiling at her patient at therapy session

Psychotherapy / Counselling

Learn how to improve your life with the help of trained psychotherapists through approaches including EMDR, Clinical Hypnosis, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and more.

nutrition counselling

Nutrition Counselling

nutritionists use sophisticated data from your lab results combined with details of your mental, emotional and physical health to create a practical, simple and personalized program for you.

Life Coaching

Life Coaching

Learn how our coaches can work with you to help you navigate your way through life’s obstacles and achieve the goals that are valuable to you.

Nutrient Therapy

IV Nutrient Therapy

Learn how essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals can be supplied into your bloodstream intravenously.

Neuro Simulation

Neuro Simulation

Neurostimulation is used to treat both chronic pain and mental disorders, such as depression, anxiety, stress and so on.

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