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Helia Pournasr

Product Development Manager, Biology, MBA

Helia Pournasr has over fifteen years of experience in marketing and Product Management in Health care and Medical device industries. In her current position, Helia is responsible for delivering differentiated products to the market that addresses needs and requirements’ the market. She is responsible for  planning, implementing, and monitoring all product management activities. Helia Pournasr plays a fundamental role in the commercialization of the Elumind new products and services.

Before joining Elumind in 2022, Helia was the Product Manager in Arya Hakim, the official distributor of J&J in Iran, responsible for product management, generating leads, product training, and increasing market share. Helia Pournasr successfully developed and implemented a sales intelligence and selling model, exceeding sales revenue targets in different brands such as J&J, Ethicon, and etc. In each position Helia has held, she has contributed to improve brand position, impressive sales growth, impressive team development, and increased value-added network relationships.

Mental Health Clinic

In addition to Helia’s stellar work experience and qualifications, she holds a Biology Bachelor of Arts, has her MBA from University of Canada West, and has earned numerous professional certifications and awards.

Helia loves to spend time with her family and friends, Fashion, watching TV series, Listening Podcasts, and reading books.

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