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dr-sara dokmak

Dr. Sara Dokmak

Case Manager, MD, IMG

Dr. Sara Dokmak is an Internal Medicine Specialist who has encountered 100s of patients since she graduated from Medical school in 2007—starting with Internship rotations and residency training to practicing independently as an Internist in different cities in Egypt. She worked in all kinds of settings, such as Emergency Rooms, University and private hospitals, outpatient clinics, and operating rooms.
In 2018, She decided to move with her family to Canada permanently and pursue the licensure pathway in Canada. She passed all the required exams in 2020 and deemed herself eligible for CaRMS (Canadian Resident Matching Service) and LMCC (Licentiates of the Medical Council of Canada).
Dr. Dokmak has exceptional communication and counseling skills with patients and has well-developed assessment, clinical, and procedural skills. In addition to medical practice and a Master’s Degree, she conducted a two-year study on Rheumatoid Arthritis patients and how their Body Mass Index can affect disease activity with subsequent publication in the University of Alexandria Medical Journal.
Over the past few years of experience in Canada, she has volunteered in the ER of Foothills Medical Centre for almost a year. She has worked in collaboration with various Family Physicians with more focus on Mental health. She attended various sessions with the CMHA (Canadian Mental Health Association) and the University of Alberta on Practicing Mindfulness, Pediatric and Adolescent Psychiatry, and Eating disorders.

dr-sara dokmak

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