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Susan Xie

Susan Xie

Office Manager, BSc in Health Studies and Gerontology

Susan is a dedicated healthcare leader with a wealth of experience in patient care, healthcare administration, and operations, with 9 years of experience working in clinics, pharmacies, and medical labs. Susan also has been immersed in the world of Functional Medicine, acquiring training in areas such as Neurofeedback, HeartMath, and Holistic Nutrition. Pursuing her career in healthcare after graduating with BSc in Health Studies and Gerontology, she has emerged as an advocate for the social and psychological aspects of health, recognizing the importance of addressing these dimensions alongside physical well-being, and she firmly believes in the power of compassion and continuous learning through our daily encounters with others.

Outside of her professional endeavors, Susan enjoys activities such as hiking trips, recreational pickleball, and volunteering. Her interests extend to teaching the Chinese language to preschoolers, where she contributes to fostering cultural understanding and inclusivity from an early age. Susan is dedicated to bringing her love for caring for people, passion, and understanding of holistic health to work!

Susan Xie

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