What is a Stroke?

A stroke is a medical emergency resulting from the loss of blood flow to parts of an individual’s brain. Once the blood flow gets interrupted, the brain is unable to receive necessary nutrients and oxygen thereby resulting in an attack. Often, a stroke will lead to paralysis in one or both sides of an individual’s body, sometimes resulting in speech difficulties or inabilities to use arms or legs.

Why do Strokes occur?

Strokes usually occur as a result of an unhealthy lifestyle, but can also result from other physiological and biological causes such as with old age, family history, and sex. In many cases, smoking, eating high cholesterol foods and having a form of heart disease make it extremely likely that the individual will undergo a stroke at some point in their life. Additionally, older individuals are more likely to get a stroke, with individuals over the age of 55 being twice as likely as younger ones.

Strokes can cause:

  • Inability to go to school or learn due to cognitive disabilities or impairments

  • Inability to work due to loss of motor functions in arms or legs

  • Difficulty walking due to paralysis in one side of the body

  • Unable to leave the house and socialize due to ongoing cognitive symptoms

Symptoms of Strokes include:

  • Difficulty speaking or understanding

  • Paralysis of legs, arms, or face, or one side of the body

  • Vision difficulties

  • Headaches

  • Difficulty or inability to walk

Concurring a stroke may make it impossible for an individual to return to the way they were living before the incident. In some cases, it may result in permanent paralysis and impairment. Therefore it is crucial that the individual get help right away.

How we can help?

In most cases, strokes can be treated, and result in few death every year. Stroke recovery can often be a gruelling venture depending on how serious the stroke. Fortunately, at Elumind, there are specific treatments for speeding up the process of recovery and improving day to day health. The most effective forms of treatment for stroke recovery are through Neurofeedback, Biofeedback, Life Coaching, Nutrition Counselling.