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Disturbance in healthy brain function causes dementia. There are different types of dementia. One common theme for all forms of dementia is that they become increasingly worse with time, and the structural damage is not reversible. However, the symptoms can still be managed. Memory loss is a characteristic symptom of all types of dementia, and the additional symptoms, such as problem-solving, mood changes, vision, and others, vary depending on the type.

Types of Dementia

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Mixed Dementia: Although we partially understand the symptoms and pathophysiology of the different types of dementia, most do not occur independently. As individuals grow older, especially after age 80, many different types of dementia coincide, resulting in a combination of overlapping symptoms.
Many conditions can lead to dementia, such as Huntington’s Disease, severe traumatic brain injury, prion disease and Parkinson’s disease.
Many reversible and treatable conditions cause dementia-like symptoms such as infections, Multiple Sclerosis, other autoimmune conditions affecting the CNS, CNS tumors, normal pressure hydrocephalus, medication side-effects, metabolic disturbances, nutritional deficiencies such as B vitamin deficiencies (B1, B6, B12), thyroid disorders, hypoglycemia and mineral abnormalities. It is essential to screen and rule these conditions out, as they are treatable and will result in a full resolution of dementia-like symptoms.

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