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Nicole Greig

Technician, Major in Behavioural Neurosciences

Nicole has a vast background of experience that ranges from research to healthcare. After completing her degree in Behavioural Neuroscience at UBC, she worked in a research lab at VGH studying mental health in type 1 diabetics, volunteered as a Speech Language Pathology Assistant at the North Shore Stroke Recovery Centre, and worked as a Brand Ambassador for Herbaland Vitamins.

Nicole is currently spearheading a project on faith and mental health within the Greater Vancouver Area. She also works as a Barista at United Strangers where she makes coffee and helps execute other community initiatives throughout the year. In her spare time, she enjoys bouldering, singing, running, reading, and making a variety of crafts. She would love to pursue a degree in Counselling Psychology one day and is interested in the integration of the scientific method in behavioral sciences. Nicole’s favorite thing about working at Elumind is using her background in neuroscience to help adapt different treatment plans to provide patient-centered care.

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