Mia’s education, training, and experiences – both personally and professionally – have shaped the way she approaches life’s journey and works to invigorate the lives of both humans and animals alike.

As a certified Life Coach, she is committed to helping others heal the wounds of their past and rediscover their zest for life. Upon completing her Behavioral Science degree, she discovered the healing power of yoga, meditation, breathwork and sound. Igniting a flame of curiosity, this led her to immerse herself in all the literature, lectures, and workshops she could find.

Seeing how all the lessons and tools she’s developed had transformed her life, Mia became passionate about sharing it and helping others all around. Through personalized coaching, holistic healing modalities and step-by-step tools that lead to measurable results, Mia helps people in all walks of life who feel stuck, stressed, depressed, and works with them to rewire their minds to lead them to a thriving life.

Some of Mia’s recent accomplishments include launching an animal welfare organization and sharing her research with Yale University. Also, you can soon find her work as a published author in the Journal of Scientific Exploration. We can expect many more great things to come from Mia, and when you meet her, we guarantee you will get the holistic and compassionate results you deserve.

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