Couples Therapy

What is Couples Therapy?

Sometimes relationships do not go as planned; partners lose sight of what brought them together or why they are still in a relationship. Couples therapy or marriage therapy is a strategy that works to re-invigorate and re-engage couples with the love and passion they had for each other. At Elumind, our experts help you navigate your way through the struggles and difficulties, so you can create a more compassionate, fulfilling and sustainable relationship.

Relationships can have varying degrees of difficulty and dysfunction and we help you address the underlying issues within your relationship through our effective Couples Therapy. Our team of therapists and relationship counsellors are trained in IMAGO (Latin for image) as well as affect-focused relationship therapies.

IMAGO addresses the connection between the frustrations experienced in adult relationships and early childhood experiences. As an example, an individual who was controlled intensely as a child, may as an adult experience that frustration in his or her adult relationships. In IMAGO, our therapists help you develop a deep understanding of your partner’s childhood frustrations as they relate to your current relationship difficulties, which in turn translates into experiencing joy and a deeper connection with your partner.

Affect-focused Couples Therapy focuses on establishing secure emotional attachments between couples. It is through establishing or re-establishing this bond that couples start to understand both their individual emotional responses and those of their partner.

What benefits do you get from doing Couples Therapy with Elumind?

You gain an understanding of your beliefs and values and how these impact your relationship
You and your partner improve understandings and viewpoints in a more objective form
You eliminate dysfunctional or negative behaviours/beliefs and replace them with new behaviours/beliefs that focus on respect, trust and understanding
You promote and maintain growth and emphasize the strengths within relationships
You examine underlying issues and problems within relationships in order to address these problems more effectively